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Testimonials from Clients

Dan Nir, The Sohn Conference Foundation

“Lauren is tremendous.  In just a few years, she’s taken us to a whole new level.  Her sophisticated approach and knowledge of the field we are funding earns the respect of our grantees so that we have much more leverage with them.  She has fostered accountability on the part of our grantees for the funds we send them.  Perhaps most importantly, she’s put a global plan in place for the foundation.  We didn’t even know that we needed an overarching platform, but she knew and by developing one and coordinating our grants to make them fit together towards our larger mission, she has put us in a position to have a much greater impact.  Basically, she has taken one and one and made three.”

Steve Loeb, Board Member of a Family Foundation

“Eve is an extraordinary facilitator.  We hired her after my family (parents, brother, and I) started a new, larger family foundation.  As with all families, there are entrenched interpersonal dynamics and differences of opinions.  Eve earned everyone’s respect and thus was able to help us establish good practices.  Her assistance proved to be extremely effective for diffusing established patterns of power in the family and allowing us to avoid bad behaviors; as a result, any differences we have are about the actual key issues—what we are going to fund for instance—rather than process and interaction. 

In addition, Eve’s knowledge of grant making and her network of contacts in the field have been invaluable.  She is able to use her network to acquire excellent information about grantee organizations and the quality of their work, saving us a lot of time and money on our own research.  Eve has also helped us to think strategically and do a better job over time of figuring out how our dollars can be best spent and then protected with appropriate grant agreements.  Through Eve’s guidance we are reminded that anyone can give money away.  It takes a lot of work to do it well.”

Anonymous Foundation Client

“Lauren, Eve, and Bree take all the mystery and drudgery out of having a private foundation.  With their help, my family has taken our philanthropy to the next level.  For me, what has made a tremendous difference is the certainty that the intent of my grants will be honored by our grantees.  Lauren, Eve, and Bree have put in place contracts and reports that give integrity and transparency to the grants process.  They review each progress report with me, pointing out strengths and challenges to discuss with our grantees.  Knowing that our funds are being spent as envisioned has helped our family clarify and improve our donor impact.”

Testimonials from Client Grantees

Allison Fox, Senior Director of Development, WNET

"Working with Lauren was a terrific experience.  In drafting the gift contract, she worked collaboratively with our team to develop a shared understanding of the project and expectations.  Our work together on this grant has strengthened WNET's donor stewardship – Lauren's smart, thoughtful focus on impact helped us further quantify the measurable ways in which our work makes a difference, and is something we can apply to our work with other donors.  I'm very grateful to Lauren."

Robert Torre, Former Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, 1998-2012, Hackensack University Medical Center

“Working with Lauren was an extraordinary experience.  Our hospital was in danger of losing funds from a foundation that she represented, and thanks to her that didn’t happen.  Lauren worked as a careful conduit between our organization and the foundation to come up with shared goals and benchmarks that would ultimately lead to this grant making a huge difference for the hospital.  Lauren kept a cool head and stayed focused on our shared mission to help the state’s most vulnerable cancer patients.  I could see that she was advocating hard for her client, but I also felt that she kept the hospital’s mission and challenges on the ground in mind.  I am absolutely certain that Lauren figured out the best and most effective way for the foundation to support the hospital and help the children we serve.”

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