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Founding of Philanthropy Advisory Group

Eve and Lauren founded their consultancy in 2009 after working with numerous families and realizing that philanthropic families and foundations were interested in hiring small-firm consultants who would provide exceptional attention, customization, and professionalism. With a small cadre of loyal clients, Eve and Lauren grew their business into thriving consultancy that focuses on helping philanthropists answer the question: “How will the world be different in five years because of the efforts we have made and how can I reach that goal while being true to my interests and morals?”

To date, Eve and Lauren have advised over 60 philanthropic families, so their experience is broad ranging in all areas of essential philanthropic work, namely: board and family relationships, grant strategy and diligence, and grantmaking/foundation operations.

Deep Experience in Law and Nonprofits

Philanthropy Advisory Group (“PAG”) differs from other philanthropic consultancies because Eve and Lauren are legally trained and bring expert negotiation and contract skills to the table. PAG considers the risks of each strategic grant and implements protections and realistic expectations for the parties involved. PAG is also thoughtful about IRS compliance and governance, so their clients stay protected.

Shared Perspective on Serving Funders

When Eve and Lauren met at Harvard Law School, they realized they had a shared interest in service careers that would allow for disruptive change. Through many years of developing their skills and expertise, they found this professional challenge in working with funders whose passion to shepherd their charitable funds required expert support and guidance. Eve and Lauren also realized their unique perspective in the field of philanthropic advising because of their legal and nonprofit backgrounds. Although not currently practicing law, their backgrounds equip them to help their clients establish and operate healthy foundations, negotiate effective grants, and ensure that their philanthropy fulfills their goals under the stewardship of future generations.

Ultimately, PAG’s philosophy stems directly from Lauren’s and Eve’s desire to offer a high-touch service for their clients—they approach each client with a goal of ensuring that he or she finds the reward and joy that comes from the privilege of philanthropy. And it is PAG’s privilege to serve our clients.

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