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How We Work

We typically use a three stage approach to begin our customized work with individual clients:

Stage One: Conduct Needs Assessment (“Listen”)

•   Interview key stakeholders about their philanthropic experiences and goals.

•   Review important legal and policy documents.

•   Learn from other funders and experts participating in the funder’s program areas to ascertain areas for strategic engagement.

Stage Two: Recommend Plan of Action (“Reflect and Suggest”)

•   Compile the information gathered for the funder.

•   Look for areas of agreement for moving forward as well as areas of general disagreement that deserve to be left behind or addressed in order to move forward.

•   Recommend options for how to move forward and collect feedback on how those options might be further customized and adopted.

Stage Three: Implementation of Plan (“Do”)

•   Recommend updates and revisions to bylaws and policies to effectuate an adopted plan.

•   Generate policies as necessary to develop a philanthropic culture and agreed upon set of rules for all stakeholders.

•   Generate operation plans, inclusive of grantmaking calendars, to bring order and routine to the grantmaking experience.

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